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About the Academy

What is Integral Permaculture?

Integral Permaculture is a design practice based on a holistic and ethical science that includes all levels of experience –  internal & external, individual & collective, ancient and modern. United into a coherent and systemic whole, with the purpose of designing healthy and sustainable cultures and environments for all species.
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What is the Academy?

The Integral Permaculture Academy is a collective of experienced permaculture designers, social activists and change agents. We are designing an international, multi-lingual community together with action-learning students and everyone passionate about the need to co-create healthy and sustainable cultures and environments for all species.
The Academy is designed as a chaordic organisation, to increase Collective Intelligence. We are guided by the Permaculture Principles, which are the reflection of our values. We embrace diversity of different minds and with the Academy, we hope to facilitate the transition of our society from DestructoCulture to PermaCulture.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision is that of the Permaculture movement:
To re-design our society to create a PermaCulture:
a sustainable culture, dynamically creative, always evolving
& in increasing harmony with all ecosystems
& all forms of Life on Earth.
Our Mission is to offer high quality training in permaculture design
To this end we have co-created (and continuously improve)
 which covers all facets required for the transition to a sustainable society,
& in particular we teach the underlying science in detail
in order to empower people & communities
to design effectively for themselves.

Objectives (Aims)

1)  To teach the bases of Permaculture in a complete way taking into account the emergent; the latest experiences in the global permaculture network.

In general to achieve that permaculture teaching be as accessible as possible to all.

2) To ensure the quality of teaching by stimulating teacher training & supporting investigation & sharing of experiences and innovative results.

3) To make accessible the certificate and diploma taking as a referent the world standard & adapting it to local conditions and needs.

4) To express as fully as possible the 2 directives (self-responsibility and cooperation), the 3 ethics and the multiple principles of Permaculture & (of course) achieve that this be the most flexible and self-managing as possible

How (Methods)

a) by encouraging any person (with time and willingness) to organise a course in their area (lots of support but also creative freedom for inexperienced as well as experienced organisers)

b) by allowing that the courses be designed in very diverse ways (they are modular & very flexible) in order to adapt them to local conditions

c) inviting any person (with Certificate and willingness) to enrol as an apprendice teacher (no need to be friends with other teachers in order to start, but we will do everything we can in order to encourage these vital connexion between them)

If you want to join us in this revolutionary evolution, contact us by filling out this form or through any of the channels found in the contact page 
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