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Choose a course

We want to help you choose a course that is best suited to your individual needs.


As you can see on the Courses page, we have divided them into categories. You can find the short description of each category on it’s page.


Our recommendations according to your situation :

  1. You are just starting to learn about the Permaculture and want to get a general overview :PDC
  2. You already have a Permaculture Design Certificate and want to go for Diploma. Or you don’t have a Certificate but are sure that you want to learn as much as you can about Permaculture : Advanced PDC 
  3. You already know enough about Permaculture to commit to transforming your life. You want to be an effective agent of change in this world : Diploma
  4. You are interested in a particular part of the Integral Permaculture Curriculum : One of the Modules


If you are still not sure which course to choose – Contact us 

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