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Module 5 : EcoEconomy and Transition




(See “Modules included” for full curriculum)
This is Module 5 of the Integral Permaculture Curriculum. In the near future we will record the material in the standard format of 10 classes.
Until then, We share with you the EcoNova Conference as a material for comprehensive study on the subject.
If you are interested in EcoEconomy, you can help us in re-recording! Email us for more info on
EcoEconomy! We all know that is needed but not many people know how to put theory in practice, even less are actually doing it.
Why is that?
What can we do to change it?
What do we need to learn to do so?
We have asked about it 12 pioneering and visionary people, that are consistently working in various practical aspects of new economic paradigm.
Each of them talk about 5 things they consider most important for changing the economy.
In this course you get to watch, study and discuss the interviews we have done with them.


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