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Why is so much theory about this needed? Can't I just go out and plant some veggies and trees?

This is third of the five Modules that create the Integral Permaculture Curriculum   Although permaculture started as "Permanent Agriculture", very soon we realized that an ecological food system cannot work long-term inside an exploitative economy or an un-just society - we need to design systems that integrate it all, and do it uniquely for each place and climate, culture and economic situation, and especially in a way that can last for generations.   In this module we grasp the main patterns of how ecosystems work throughout our planet, the foundations that nurture and sustain life, and also specific design lessons from many different natural systems, and how to intervene effectively to move them towards maximum fertility, as this is a level where we can act very easily to change the environment around us, and learn directly from nature about connection & self-esteem.     OVERVIEW Through this module, you will explore different questions such as:
  • What is Soil?  &  How can we take care of it?
  • How can we re-generate soils and ecosystems?
  • What are the Cycles of Life?
  • How can we effectively manage Water in landscapes?
  • What is Aquaculture?   & What can it be applied for?
  • What roles do Animals play in ecosystems?  &  How can we integrate them?
  • What is Food Sovereignty?  &  How can we achieve it?
  • How can we intervene to increase Biodiversity around us?
  • Why are Trees so important?  &  What do we need to know about them?
  • How can we design Forest Gardens?
  Consider your thoughts on these questions before and as you study the classes, and notice how the way you design and manage projects changes when you work with these concepts and models - or not! - and tell us all about it in the discussion forum (below).

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