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Is all of this science really necessary? Can't I just learn some techniques to make and build stuff?

This is fourth of the five Modules that create the Integral Permaculture Curriculum   Despite the fact that many "technological improvements" haven't managed to improve the quality of life for the majority of people, but have brought more problems & pollution, we still keep expecting the arrival of a more modern and "ecological" technology that will restore & reverse the damage made while we just enjoy its products and comfort. In this module we will gain a good understanding of what technology is, a wide vision of what it can be, and the scientific concepts it's all based on, so we can really think for ourselves on these subjects and figure out how to develop the most sustainable systems we can real-life projects, for the specific stuation we find ourselves in, and not just copying what others did or what is in fashion as an "ecological solution".


Through this module, you will explore different questions such as:
  • Is our society collapsing?  &  What does this mean for us as integral designers for sustainability?
  • How can we make Optimum use of resources?
  • What are the fundamental laws of energy?
  • Why Howard T. Odum as the father of Integral Permaculture?
  • Why Dana Meadows as the mother of Integral Permaculture?
  • What Energy Sources do we have available?  And how do they work?
  • What is sustainable construction?  &  How many types are there?
  • How can we design for increasing and improving Social Capital?
  • How can we design with Science & Technology for Sustainability?

Course Currilcum

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