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This is first of the five Modules that create the Integral Permaculture Curriculum

  Even though conventionally Permaculture courses tend to be focused on Earth Care, a really good understanding of People Care, another one of the 3 ethical bases of PermaCulture, it often much more critical for the success of real-life projects, as people are, as well as their context, without doubt the most challenging aspect in implementing truly sustainable projects.   In this module we explore the theory & practice of the different facets of this primary matter: investigating the various models of the nature of people, of groups & relationships; challenging models about learning, the history & meaning of sustainability, how our minds work, how groups work, and what exactly goes wrong when we are incapable of cooperating. OVERVIEW Through this module, you will explore different questions such as:
  • How can we learn more effectively what is needed to create a just and sustainable world?
  • What are the concepts at the Base of permaculture design?  & How can we apply them in practice?
  • ¿Cómo funcionan los Grupos?  ¿Y qué hace que tengan éxito o que fracasen?
  • Which Communities work?   And what do they do differently from those that don´t work?
  • What is Collective Intelligence?  & Can we design for increasing it?
  • What are Models? & Why are they so important for Permaculture Designers?
  • What makes some people very effective at realizing their dreams whilst other people struggle?
  • What is the Integral Model and how does it work?  And why is it so significant for this time in history?
  • How does the DestructoCulture work? And what are effective interventions to change it, & what aren't?
Consider your thoughts on these questions before and as you study the classes, and notice how the way you design and manage projects changes when you work with these concepts and models - or not! - and tell us all about it in the discussion forum (below).

Course Currilcum

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