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Design Portfolios and the Presentation

Design Portfolio is a space in which you can document and present your designs. It serves you by supporting your design process and it serves others as a mean to share your learning process, ideas and intelligence.

Having a design portfolio with at least 1 individual and 1 group design is a requirement for a Certificate in Integral Permaculture Design. You can do it in any medium that serves you well, what is important is that it allows us (your tutors and fellow students) to see what you have been doing.

We propose a way that we think is the most simple and functional, in the Google Drive. Here you have a template and an example of Design Portfolio is this form : Google Drive

You can also do it as a website, so that you can share it with even more people. We recommend this for people who feel more confident with the technology. Here you have a brilliant exaple (in spanish) :

The important thing is that in your portfolio we can see that you have learned the process of permacultural design. For this, apart from anything you want in your portfolio (it is your space) it is important to include the description od each design that will cover these points:


  1. the vision and motivation : Why do you want to do this and what do you want to do? Refer to
  2. observation : What resources do you have, who is involved etc. Includes client interview. Refer to:
  3. analysis of the observation results – what is the situation : what are the challenges, what resources are available etc.
  4. design : use permaculture principles to inspire you about what to do with what you’ve got (you can go back to class 1.2 and/or 2.7 to remind yourself of those) notice and write in your portfolio which principles did you use and how
  5. evaluate : did you move closer to the vision? Did you meet the criteria? what worked well? What mistakes did you make? what can be improved?


Of course the design process is never finished, you are not expected to arrive to your big vision quickly, but to present above points. It is good to go back to the classes 2.9 and 2.10 to remember different design techniques that are a great guiding tool.

Design Presentation

To get you Permaculture Design Certificate with the Integral Permaculture Academy, we ask you to make a presentation of your journey with us during these 20 (or 50) classes and your path of Action-Learning that you followed as indicated on this page.   As the principle says – imagination limits the yield. You can tell us this story in the way that suits you best (with pdf, text and photos, song, video, slides…), but we want to propose a guide for you. These are the 3 elements that should be visible in your presentation (DDD):


Who are you and how did you arrive to Permaculture.


For the basic Permaculture Design Certificate we asked you to complete minimum of 1 individual and 1 group design. Here you have a chance to briefly present them to us. How did you apply the ethics, the principles, what did you learn, how did you feel with the process of permaculture design…


What direction do you now want to take in your life? What lessons do you take with you from the course with the Integral Permaculture Academy? How do you want to continue applying Integral Permaculture each day? You can speed up the natural succession by making your process visible (with a website, talking about Permaculture with your social networks, organizing some sort of meeting in your neighbourhood…) and with this inspire more people. What are your next steps? Time suggestions: maximum 20 min (that would be of the video or time necessary to read it). When you have your presentation ready, you can send it us via email (on or directly to your tutor and/or uploading it on our Facebook Group) Thank you for sharing your experience with us! We are here to accompany you and support you on the rest of your journey!  

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