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Rebecca Reiber




Rebecca is a visionary businesswoman; community development and team-builder, student of Permaculture Design (PDC, working on diploma), with a master’s degree in Sustainable Development and Social Action Training, postgraduate studies in socio-cultural anthropology, diploma in Cooperative Management, and over 25 years of experience forming and training diverse, multicultural teams. After leaving her career in international business in 2000 she formed a company providing personal and professional development services and strategic planning – essentially facilitating change.  She worked with many small businesses and NGOs in her hometown and then began to work with international NGOs.  This led her to Panama, which she has called home since 2005. In Panama she has facilitated change processes with rural municipalities, indigenous groups, and cooperatives and has worked as an international consultant with rural communities. She is designing and founding the 8th Life Panama EcoVillage Project and runs Casa Ubuntu, a co-working, co-living hub associated with the ecovillage project.

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