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      Here is the perfect place to start getting to know your colleagues.

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      Maja Borkowska

      Hi everyeve!

      My name is Maja. I am a diplomate student of ibtegral permaculture and therefore also an apprentice teacher. My favorite topics for learning and discussions are : soil, animals and pretty much everything from Module 1.

      You can find more personal info in my design portfolio, to which the link you can find in my profile

      At the moment I am an admin for this learning platforms. I set it up, so if anything doesn’t work or if you have any technical issues, I am here to help!


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      Hello fellow students of the iPA!

      My name is Aline and I live on Mallorca. I am very keen on learning more about the Invisible Structures and I believe most of us here (on a computer and with access to the internet) can do so by sharing our experiences with designing our Internal Landscape, collaborating online, feelings about imminent collapse and being (or not) a consumer in today’s society.

      On the other hand, I would love to learn more about forest gardening, passive solar building and water management in a Mediterranean climate.

      You can check my profile for more info on my designs, my day-to-day, my passions…


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      Hello all, Like about a Million other people on the planet, my Name is John. Most everyone calls me Tiny.

      I came to Panama to help set up a sustainable eco village, near one of the most beautiful waterfalls that I have ever seen.Pictures don’t really do it justice, and seeing it in person takes my breath away for a moment.I have been witness to a total eclipse of the sun, and seeing this waterfall almost gives me the same reaction.

      I am a military veteran that has seen much of the world. There are  several areas I seek more knowledge.Currently working on designs for a solar cooker, solar dehydrator, solar water boiler, solar reflector and developing a process of turning leaves from pineapple plants into a leather type material.In addition I am interested in Aquatics, and creating energy from water and wave movement.

      I am more of a get your hands dirty, trial and error kinda learner, so parts of this course are gonna be difficult for me.

      Over my life I have watched the education system in the U.S  turn into a day care for children that often graduate having learned little or nothing.It’s sad so much of their time is being wasted on learning pretty much nothing useful.

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      Rebecca Reiber

      Hi there!  I’m Rebecca.  I’ve been through the PDC in Spanish (on old platforms) and am now doing it in English with John (and Li when she joins us).  We’re working together on the 8th Life Panama EcoVillage Project.  Here’s my current design portfolio, which needs updating:  https://sites.google.com/site/rebeccadpcen/home   And you can find info on our project here:  http://8thLifePanama.org.

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      Mirja Sukava


      My name is Mirja and I’m a student of integral permaculture. I’d prefer to continue making a list but integral permaculture just sums it up.

      I live in Finland with my family and I started this course 3 years ago with an internship in La Palma. Thankfully my spouse came there for a week for I have not revived 😀 During the gap of taking classes I have built up connections to Finnish permaculture activists, delivered a baby, had a permaculture based cityhortomy gang with a small field, grown as a person and had the worst and most horrible time of my life.

      I wish to adapt more information of how I can save the world. We have a house and a patch of forest and that is my biggest goal, to live there growing permaculture, good vibes and my children. At the moment it is a bit far tho and living in city, building our life more self-suffient and better design.

      I wish to achieve a lot in this course. Which can turn out very small but essntial for the time beyond this course.

      I will be adding personal data, designs and all the other needed for you to get to know me and me to learn better!

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      Josh Milligan

      Hello everyone!

      My name is Josh and I’m currently living in the US. I’ve recently become passionate about Permaculture and regenerative communities but I have almost no practical experience so far. I’ll be volunteering with a couple local Permaculture projects and working in my own backyard while I take these courses, and I can’t wait to see where it takes me. Where I live in Florida is an incredible place to learn since everything grows out of control in this climate.

      As I go along I’ll share my designs and try to get involved with the community. Feel free to reach out to me and introduce yourself!

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      Hello Johs!!! Welcome to this space!!! My name is Rose. Iam motther of two younger like you. When I reading your presentation I feel your passion in permaculture. We have one space in Spain Comunity of Castilla León. Now I am learning all the time and sharing with a little comunity. Be happy learning with you in this academy integral permaculture. If sometimes you travell to share experienceñ, be welcome to our small comunity in a little village near Avila.

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