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    The 3d Dental System introduction and feature:
    3Shape Dental System,3Shape Dental Manager
    Get MORE FUNCTIONALITY and GREATER FLEXIBILITY in digital restorations
    Multi-scan handling
    Import multiple scans into any workflow for enhanced control and more creative freedom.
    Flexible partial dentures
    Design bases and teeth, mill or 3D print and simply glue together for cost-effective digital denture production.
    Double-speed bridges & bars
    Automated placement and connection for optimal stability, minimal manual adjustments and faster production.
    Smile design 2.0
    Design photorealistic smiles for clinics to gain greater patient case acceptance and grow their business.
    Articulator holder scanning
    Scan bites directly in the scanner for increased ease, with the flexibility to interchange between articulator holder and transfer plate depending on the case.
    Tooth extraction
    Automatic recognition and cut-out functionality within the ‘Sculpt on Jaw’ step to simplify virtual tooth removal.
    Stump shade
    Measure the shade of a prepared stump and match it for the design and production of all prosthetic units to perfect the color of your restorations.
    Patient specific motion
    Adapt your designs according to the recorded articulation motion of a patient’s occlusal to gain more personalized occlusal precision in the design and production of your restorations.excellent 3D Digital Dental