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    Vertical food retort/autoclave
    Brief Introduction:
    Vertical food retort/autoclave is often used to sterilize small quantity of foodstuff and canned foods.
    It can stay original shape of the can and the tin, keep the natural flavor of food.
    Vertical food retort/autoclave use steam as the heating medium (through the local management road changes also apply to hot water as a heating medium) to complement the implementation of anti-pressure compressed air to operate.
    To inject cold water (warm water) directly forced cooling. Suitable for different packaging, different food sterilization. Simple, low operating cost is its advantage, and with its advantages, the industrialized food production is the most common sterilization equipment.
    Inner dimensionØ800*1000mm Ø1100*1000mm
    Volume 0.80M3 1.1M3
    Maximum Temperature 143ºC 143ºC
    Maximum Pressure 0.44MPA 0.44MPA
    Working Pressure 0.35MPA 0.35MPA
    Working Medium water, steam, compressed air water, steam, compressed air
    Basket 1pcs 1pcsvertical autoclave for canned food