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    PSSD4-MDS312 Mobile Sludge Dewatering Machine Introduction
    Lifeng PSSD4-MDS312 mobile sludge dewatering machine is mounted on a 2 axle chassis and is the smallest edition to the PSSD series.The goals and key features in the development of the PSSD were to produce, on the one hand a small versatile mobile unit to dewater sludge’s and on the other to deliver a unit with a high volume capacity. These goals have been reached by balancing the customer’s needs with the practical design and engineering that has gone into producing the PSSD. This has resulted in a unit that is ideal when facing dewatering projects with limited access found both in rural and urban situations.

    PSSD4-MDS312 Mobile Sludge Dewatering Machine Features
    Compact design, all procedure of machines is sort inside one container.

    Fast delivery and start-up because of the portable concept.

    Good performance, an approximate volume reduction of between 60%-90%.

    Minimum construction work on site and easy to relocate, so transport time, running and labor costs are greatly reduced.

    Low maintenance and minimum operation requirements.
    Many years development experience.

    PSSD4-MDS312 Mobile Sludge Dewatering Machine Structure
    PSSD4-MDS312 Mobile Sludge Dewatering Machine Model
    PSSD4-MDS312 Mobile Sludge Dewatering Machine FAQ
    Question 1: Have a company promise that our machine are 5 years old, do you believe?
    Ask the manufacturer to provide data. The screw shaft is the friction between the screw shaft and the movable ring, which is hard and hard contact. The hardness of the screw shaft of the company is HRC70 (tungsten carbide spray), the hardness of the laminated piece is HV380 (HRC39.8), the wear is absolute The Lifeng company in the material on the domestic manufacturers of laminating machine is the first class, we promise laminated life is 10,000 hours. Too much, no basis for commitment is irresponsible.
    Question 2: sludge dewatering machine if you want to shut down for a week or longer, what needs to be done in advance to clean up the work?
    Need to clean the solid and liquid inside the machine, please refer to the product manual for detailed method.Mobile Sludge Dewatering Equipment manufacturers