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A New Era for the Integral Permaculture Academy


A New Era for the Integral Permaculture Academy

New Learning Platforms

This brand new state-of-the art learning platform for the Academy is being officially launched at the European Permaculture Convergence in Ireland, on 8th of August 2018 (8/8/18, nice magic number :), together with the new Integral PermaCulture Institute  .

We’ve been slowly and painstakingly building up this wonderful new Academy ‘ship’ since November last year, and we are very excited to start on this great new adventure.

This new platform will makes it possible to do so much more, and especially support lots more people who are transiting to a more sustainable life, as well as those who have been sustainability activists and practitioners for a long time.

In particular we are very excited about the fact that it also makes it very easy for any permaculture teacher to create & manage their own courses, quite independently.  So we hope to build, over time, a truly integrative permaculture learning space where all kinds of specialist and niche subjects can be accessed, from the best practitioners world-wide.

It has taken us the proverbial 9 months to birth this new phase of the Academy, since the re-design included a major overhaul of all of our multimedia classes, as well figuring out how to include the mini-courses (we will be adding more of them with time) and how to transit our students from the old platforms to this new one.

And all of that, as usual, in two languages!

Selection of Courses

So we envisage an increasingly wide choice of great online courses, as well as our usual basic ones: the iPDC, the Standard Diploma and the Integral (advanced) Diploma.


Additionally, for those who want a little more discipline in completing their basic Certificate course, and also to study together with others in a group, we are also offering the iPDC in a new ‘Intensive month’ modality both online and on-site in one of our centres in the Canary Islands, during these months: January, March, July and November.

We are very glad, also, to finally be able to offer the modules of the complete course individually, something that we have had many enquiries about in the past, but was logistically simply not possible to deliver, with our antiquated system.



And we will be adding the mini-courses here too, and have started with the very popular (some of our students have said life-changing) Food Freedom course.

The Integral Permaculture Insitute

The Integral PermaCulture Institute will act as a wider container for the Academy but also for the more innovative, daring and even quirky issues that our team dreams of investigating, in order to keep us always up to date, fresh and current, in the fast-moving world of permaculture and other sustainability practitioners.

This means that  the Academy team can focus on the more grounded and steady work of delivering top-notch courses and creating the vital learning community environment that is so important for true action-learning, whilst harvesting the best from the Institute’s investigations.


So, with much gratefulness and after many years of great service, we now archive the old Academy web, leaving the link here for those interested in the long and vital history of this great learning hub: https://sites.google.com/site/nodoenglish

A huge THANKYoU to all the wonderful people who have contributed to these more recent major re-designs but also to the steady progress of the Academy over the years (since 2003!) and especially to the students who so patiently tried out the new platform and worked with us to iron out glitches and made suggestions for creative changes. 



August 3, 2018

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