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Diploma in Applied Permaculture


Most advanced Permaculture certification, validating professional excelence.
Demonstrates thorough and in-depth understanding of Permaculture design practice through the accomplishment of consistent success in real-life projects
supported by a wide range of experience.

It is not easy and quick to prove you’re at this level, but if you’re up for the challenge, we will be there to support you throughout your Diploma pathway.



Who is it for

This is for designers who show a high & constant ability in putting into practice Permaculture understanding & ideals in original ways and with a measure of success, who are leading or have led some significant change toward sustainability in their communities, projects or families.    

People awarded with this Diploma will display an unusual level of systemic and holistic level thinking, and have translated that understanding into concrete, functional projects in their work & communities.

Even at basic level ours is the most difficult standard of permaculture diploma you can choose because we are continuously monitoring to ensure it includes all other permaculture diploma standards available internationally, whilst continuing to work toward a truly international permaculture diploma standard & cooperation, as we have done since the founding of the Integral Permaculture Academy, in 2003.

So it is for people who are committed to excellence, who enjoy having their thinking challenged and expanded continuously and who want to ensure that if they are going to be awarded a permaculture Diploma, it is of the highest standards available.

Quick Overview

Although we can’t guarantee that you will achieve the standard required for the Diploma in two years, in this option you have this time with us, & we offer all the support & contents necessary to achieve it, if you are prepared to work in an intensive way & you have a lot of will to do the best possible work in service of the Transition.   

Usually students simply ‘work up’ to the diploma level starting with options 1 or 2 & simply pay the difference as they move up levels.  

So if you are not a student with us already, or you’re not sure this is the right path for you, or if you can’t afford to pay the cost of this option outright, simply start with a lower option & work up:  it will cost you almost the same both in time & money in the long run.

Even our Introduction to Permaculture course starts straight away with a small design portfolio facility & requiring practical design work from you, so you can take that option at any level of experience you’re at, simply to start preparing the presentation of your diploma work


+Access to virtual classrooms & 60+ audiovisual classes forever
Access to our library of downloadable Class Audios and Presentations
Personal Design Portfolio, and support with your design projects
Possibility to earn a PDC certificate (after doing basic classes & design presentation)
Possibility to earn a Permaculture Diploma (after having proven required expertise)
Regular calls with our network of practitioners and students 
    (Vision Support Groups, Study Circles, Diploma Pathway Support, etc.)
Support and materials to start a Study Group in your area
all of the self-organized online meetings & study groups with other students you wish to organize or participate in 

+ 28 personal mentoring sessions with our tutors (approx. 1h, every hour of tutoring requires an hour of preparation on the tutor’s part, this will be deducted from the total amount of 28hrs = 14 hours direct contact, to be enjoyed in live calls, through video feedback, audios, written… your choice), valid and available for 4 years from the purchase date.

Class Program

You can see the content of each class in detail in our Manual, PermaCultureScience.org

Also see “Modules included” above for the full curriculum


Estimated duration: 26 months or more



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