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Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC)


This is the iPDC, internationally recognized foundational training in the basics of permaculture and it is needed to participate in International PC Convergences and other events.

The difference between this course and standard PDCs is that here we connect the science of permaculture with Integral Model



This Course is ideal for people who want to study Permaculture formally for the first time.   It is also ideal for people who have taken one or more of the traditional PDCs & would like to both widen & deepen their theoretical knowledge & move on with their practice, on their own projects, with some steady support.

Also ideal for people who are considering starting on their Permaculture Diploma pathway – you can easily move up levels from here, & start to build your design portfolio.

Quick Overview

This course consists of 20 classes that you can watch anytime. They will be available to you forever, so you can come back to them when you need to.  
Our content-rich multimedia classes are between 1:30 to 2:30 hours long on average.

You take the classes whilst you develop your own designs with our support in applying the basic principles of design given in the classes, to your real-life experience.   

It includes sharing & interacting with other students on the same path

& live meetings with tutors & course colleagues to put questions, present designs & sharing of learning & experience in real-time.

The Permaculture Design Certificate is awarded after the course on presenting two of your own design projects, which demonstrate that you have understood the basic principles of design.


  • Access to our virtual classrooms with 20 audiovisual classes forever
  • Personal design portfolio template and support with your design projects
  • A PDC certificate (on completion of all requirements)
  • Self-organized online meetings & study groups with other students you wish to organize or participate in
  • 3 personal mentoring sessions (Skype or Google Hangout) with our tutors (approximately 1 hour per session) available for one year from the purchase date.

Class Program

You can see the content of each class in detail in our Manual, PermaCultureScience.org

Also see “Modules included” above for full curriculum

Estimated duration: 3 months or more


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