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"Well, in summary: the best cash I've spent in my life! I love everything I've learned, am playing with what am learning in my immediate surroundings, I feel enriched on a personal level & I thank you for letting this be a free process for each of us & for offering us so many tools for completing the learning to the extent that each of us wants to."

MJ, Spain


"With each class, each Think & Listen with the other members of this crew, each piece of information, I'm integrating bit by bit, and the feeling of community I found here, I can say with conviction that taking this online course was one of the best decisions of my life"

Eva P., Germany





"It's action learning without hurries or schedules, I can do everything at my own pace & within my limits - I couldn't do it any other way."

Juan F, Spain

"All the information I've received moves inside of me my feelings, ideals, experiences, my past.  It's been an intense week of reflections, memories and thoughts that took me to the first conclusion: it's not just knowing what's happening and will happen if we don't change, it's about making a Vital Commitment with that change."

Jolanda G., Canaries



"I was expecting the content to be more general, but it is such a joyful and very nourishing travel, deeper than I expected, and with great references! My perception has opened and I feel more confident about stepping forward, thanks to this therapy disguised as class"

Andreia B, Spain






"I didn't expect when I started this course that it would be a journey of self discovery."

Jane B, France




"I am surprised by the breadth and depth of knowledge that these teachings draw from. It has been so relieving to learn at this depth again, and has also served to illuminate how vast my unknowing is, or how much there is left to learn."

Jeff H., USA


"When I switched on the Video, the first thing I heard was a lot of laughing! That was a nice beginning! You felt right away equal with the person you are listening to, what in usual is not the case. The modern technique makes it easier to ask questions or add something without need to interrupt. This makes it also better then in a usual classroom."

Valeriya A, Germany




"And with this phrase the doors of perception opened up and then when you explained how important soil is for the climate and how much we have damaged it and through which processes I definitely understand better my own position and mission in saving Mother Earth."

Karla, Croatia

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